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Instructions for HDMI Audio Output and Optical and Coaxial SPDIF
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A. The media player itself will decode the Audio
B. Suitable for: Media player connect to HD TV by HDMI
C. The media player itself can decode the audio and send the Stereo to HD TV
A. The Power Amplifier is to decode the audio
B. Suitable for: Users' Power Amplifier is capable of decoding Next-Generation Sound
C. It is specially through Power Amplifier by HDMI1.3, and send LPCM 6.1 and 7.1 Next Generation Sound track, digital audio, to HD TV.
D. If your Power Amplifier has the capability of decoding Next Generation Sound Effect (Supporting HDMI1.3), please choose this item, and enjoy the Next Generation Sound Effect. But if your Power Amplifier is HDMI supported, but doesn't support Next Generation Sound Effect Decoding, the output will be converted to 5.1
A. The Power Amplifier decodes audio.
B. Suitable for: users with HDMI interface
C. The HDMI interface from the media player will send the audio track, Digital Raw Code to the Power Amplifier. And the Power Amplifier will decode.
D. The major difference between HDMI RAW and HDMI LPCM Multi CH is about the DVD sound effect (5.1 Sound track) and Next Generation Sound Effect (7.1 Sound track). Because of the limitation of Realtek Solution, media player can only support one of the Next Generation Sound Effect, LPCM 7.1 Raw Code Output. For example, when the movie file's audio track is LPCM 7.1, by using HDMI LPCM Multich CH through Power Amplifier HDMI1.3, the sound is bit for bit decoding. But when using HDMI RAW, the sound effect will de degraded to LPCM 5.1, digital output.
E. Media player support DTS-HD MA with inner core, 1536K bit, DTS 5.1 digital audio output, but can not support Dolby Ture HD or Raw code output
A. The Amplifier (HiFi system) decodes audio.
B. Suitable for: Amplifier with Coaxial and Optical SPDIF, but cannot support DTS decode or HiFi Amplifier.
C. After the decoding by media player, and send the signal to Amplifier through Optical SPDIF
A. The Amplifier (HiFi system) decodes audio.
B. Suitable for: Amplifier with Optical and Coaxial SPDIF and support DTS decode.
C. Through the Optical connection to Amplifier, and send the Sound track Raw Code, and the Amplifier decodes the audio track.
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