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◆ Use the top sensor in the world : the six-axis sensor of the the supplier ST,which can be controlled fast and accurately by hands.  


◆ Built-in high-quality lithium batteries,with over-current protection function,that improve the lift of the device greatly . 

◆ Long standby time.Theoretically, the standby time can be up to 2 years.  
◆ Multi-function remote control with keyboard , support to use the mouse both sides.

◆ Use the 2.4G wireless technology,support the distance can be up to 30m.infrared dual modes, support to use the infrared to wake up and standby
◆ The confirmed key and the left key of the air mouse can be adaptive each other ,easy to use.
◆ Mouse, keyboard and dame function can be switched by one key ,more convenient . 

◆ The left and right button are designed individually.The positioning is so accurate and the response is very sensitive. 
◆  High- quality voice(the down sampling rate is 48KHz). The user can enjoy the CD-quality music though the headphones l
◆  The input audio of the MIC uses the 16k sampling rate ,can guarantee a good call quality.

◆  MIC+Headphone+Handset. This high-end configuration can make you use it like a mobile phone.
◆  One key to switch the sound output from the local ones and the TV.
◆  Support Somatosensory game on the both sides

◆  Support all kinds of games which need to click the mouse or touch the screen

◆  Use with MEASY media player , can support to play any games
◆  Built-in 3.5mm headphone jack ,high quality audio output 

◆ QWERTY American standard full keyboard design. Inputting letters ,and playing games can becontrolled easily




















Size(L*W*H): 65x31x205 mm

Weight:  0.126 Kg                                                                                                







N.W/CTN:  8.5 Kg 

G.W/CTN:  9.5Kg

CTN Size:  35.5x28x31 CM                                                                                                



Audio Air Smart Mouse 型号:GP830
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