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With standard capacitive touch screen and diamond glass mirror screen, 

users enjoy sensitive, smooth and fast operation on TP801 wireless touchpad mouse. 






With advance 2.4 G wireless technology, enjoy wireless connection.






With chargeable lithium battery, TP801 can use around one month with full charging. Users are free to use when charging TP801. With indicator LED, when lower battery, get LED flashing, and light when full charge. 










1. Take out the USB receiver from TP801 back storage slot, plug into player or computer 

2. Turn on power switch on left side

3. Below picture for reference, use left/right thumb to control. 







1.Touchpad Mode               



Press switch button to get TP801 in Touchpad mode, sliding your finger on screen to control the cursor.



2.Keyboard Mode               



Press switch button agin to get keyboard mode, slight tap on corresponding characters on screen to get what you need. 












(一). Android OS



(二). Windows 8 OS
















Size(L*W*H):  94x160x29 mm

Weight:  0.2 Kg                                                                                                           






N.W/CTN:  9.8 Kg 

G.W/CTN:  10.6 Kg

CTN Size:  390*290*270 mm                                                                                                      


Touch Air Smart Mouse 型号:TP801
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