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Whether in the company conference or in the business report, when you want to show up the report information of the computer throught the high-defenition  big screen TV or the projectors, you need to use a mouse ,a TV remote control and a laser show pen. Then you can to demonstrate .And you have to switch back and forth of those remote devices,which make your hands and brain so busy and confused.

Measy RC10 wirless laser air mouse integrates the master of wisdom, makes the mouse, keyboard, remote control and laser pen four functions as a whole. Only need a RC10, you can move the computer mouse cursor, input keyboard character, switching TV video model, conrol the sound up and down, flip the slides, and show with laser pen annd other operations. RC10 wireless laser air mouse can hlep you make everything simply, manipulate all easily. No need too much, only a RC10 can help you to achieve many of the complicated operations.RC10 






Measy RC10 is a wireless air mouse, which can fully realize the traditional keyboard and mouse functions. Its biggest feature is that you can use it in the air. You only need to wave the RC10 like your hand a remote control and wave it in the air, then RC10 will be able to make the swing action of the hand respond quickly on the screen by the cusor's moving, and make a precise cusor positioning. RC10 uses a precise sensor, which combinates with 3D gyro perfectly. The user can do precise operation at 360 degrees freely. The cusor will moves to where while the RC10 is pointing where of the screen, so that you can completely freed from the around of the computer or the TVs. You only can sit down with relax, then can enjoy browsing the web everywhere by using the RC10.





When the cursor appears automatic driftor cannot manipulate, please do initial setting for the air mouse as following:Please put the device flat on thedesktop, press the cursor key and the left key of the mouse simultaneously +, and then the blue LED of the air muse will become flashing. 


Now please plug the USB receiver into the USB port of thecomputer, the air mouse will enter into the initialization setting status. Theflashing blue LED will become lighting after 1 second, which means the airmouse had completed the initial 






Now we often watch digital TV via a digital set-top box, so there are often need two remote controls: a TV remote control and a set-top box remote control. When watching the TV, the set-top box remote control is mainly used to watch TV programs and do program-related settings, the TV remote control is mainly used to turn on or turn off the TV or adjust the volume and others. It is very trublesome if use two remote control together. So it will be a good idea if can copy these basic functions of the TV remote control into the set-top box remote control.

RC10 is all a IR remote control, its special key learning-function can staisfy this requirement of the user very well. It can copy the key functions of different types of remote contro with different brand into RC10, and makes one remote control can control multiple devices. 






1. Make sure the indicator of the remote control is redIf not , you can long pressthe toggle key of the IR remote contorol and sir mouse remote control about 1.5 seconds  to switch 


2.  While holding down the cursor key +the left key of the mouse simultaniously+the red indicator light become slow flashing state, that means the remote control is in learning mode. 


3.  Make sure the emission direction of the TV remote control align with the infraredtransmitter of the RC10





Press the button of the TV remote control "voice-",when the RC10 receives the code  value of the "voice-"which emitted from the TV remote control , the slow flashing light         will bemcome quick flashing.


Now press the volice- buttonof the RC10, the quick flashing light of the RC10 becomes slow flashing state ,that means the RC10 learns successful and enter upon learing state again .Then you can press the "voice+"button of the TV remote control or other buttons to enter other buttons learning according to the flashing state of the RC10 


when finish learning the keys ,need to press the right key of the mouseto back from the learning standby status.Now the light becomes lit from the red flashing status  





RC10 is also a wireless presenter. The reasonable arrangement of the keys and the bright red laser pointer, make you operate it simple and easy to control. So you can controlthe presentation rhythm with confident, and attrack the audience' s attention on your wonderful presentation much more effortless and easily. 






RC10 laser air mouse with unique wheel desgin. You need only turn the wheel a litte simply, then you can browser the web pages and documents quickly. In the air, you only need to scroll the wheel with a finger, then you can locate the content which you need accurately when you browse the web pages, browser the lists, slides and images documents. 



Please plug the USB receiver into your PC or Android player, then you could use wireless RC10 at will. The control distance is up to 15m, you could control use the air mouse flexibly no matter at your room or parlor. 




RC10 using the most famous CPU, low consume high efficiency, works well with 2 pieces NO. 7 dry batteries, no need to charge like lithium battery or worry about the lithium battery used life. What’s more, RC10 has integrated a humanized design-hibernated automatically, electricity saving and perfect durability.



No need to install any driver.Please the receiver into the USB port of the device, then you can use it directly. The unique built-in storage design, which can allow you to put the receiver into the presenter after you finish the demonstration in order to avaid loss.



1. Blue light indicates RC10 is in Air moue state

2. Red light indicates RC10 is in IR remote control state

3. Press Laser Pen button to switchover the laser pen 

    function no matter in air mouse or RF remoter state.

4. Change the batteries while Red or Blue indicator 

    flashing slowly.











Hardware Specifications         
RF radio frequency 2.4G RF
Power 3V, 2 pcs of AAA dry battries 
Buttons life 1500,000 times
Main components  remote control + USB receiver
The working current of the USB receiver(A) about 21.5A
The working current of the remote control receiver (A) about 20mA
Signal transmission mode 2.4G RF
Laser head

Working current 

Output power 

the light spot of 10 meters

Support operating system  Windows XP / Vista / 7 / MAC / Linux / Android
Power save time of the mouse  2minutes






Size(L*W*H): 60x121x35 mm

Weight:  0.94 Kg                                                                                                                





N.W/CTN: 7.9 kg

G.W/CTN: 8.4 kg

CTN Size: 39x29x27 CM                                                                                                            


Projector Air Smart Mouse 型号:RC10
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