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MEASY RC16 Bluetooth air smart  mouse, with full functions of the traditional keyboard and mouse. The using function in the air can make you stay far from the computers and TVs. Only if you waving the mouse in the air, then you can quickly convert it into cursor movement on the screen. 3D+Gyroscope perfect combination, make users can operate it accurately by 360 degrees freely .Hand-held operation makes you feel comfortable, convenient, completely avoiding the disadvantage that the traditional mouse must be used on the stillness of the desktop or muse be operated by the infrared remote control buttons, allowing you never feel tired when you lying to play on the computer and TVs, It makes you relax well ,control your computer, TV entertainment easily. 








RC16 supports all Apple device which with Bluetooth. You can input any character in Ipad  and iPhone after you connect with Bluetooth  




Note : Andorid BOX need to integrate bluetooth function









1. Bluetooth 3.0

2. Distance can be up to 15 meters 

3. Built-in Gyroscope

4. Keyboard + mouse layout                                                                                                 






It is a major component of the keyboard , the keys are arranged same as the ordinary keyboard ,including the number keys ,letter keys ,commonly used operators and punctuation keys .And the ESC,F1--F12 contorl keys 






The switch of the mouse:The switch of the cursor 

The left key of the mouse:Same as the standard left key of the mouse: confirm function.  

The right key of the mouse:Same as the standard right key of the mouse: back function.

Using: You can handle it as any degree and show it to any direction. No need to keep it horizontal or pointing to screen .while moving the mouse, don’t keep it horizontal position ,otherwise the mouse won’t react ,just swing the wrist then you can move the mouse easily . 








When the cursor appears to drift without controlling, you need to do initialize setting for the air mouse  



The cursor will drift because of the voltage and temperature variations when using. Please place the unit flat on the desktop and remains it stationary until the cursor stops. That means the checking had been finished.



If the automatic checking can’t solve the problem, please try to do manual checking


While holding down the ESC+G KEY to 3 seconds, The LED flashes into the initialization stat .Now release the button until the LED is off, that means the initialization is successful.





When RC16 air mouse and Bluetooth paired successful, the cursor only can move in the vertical direction, not move left or right, and then you need to do 3D checking.

1. Keep the device flat on the desktop, remains it stationary and make all the keys face, press the ALT+ESC key 3seconds at the same time ,the LED light become quick flashing ,that means RC16 enter into the 3D checking status in the horizontal direction.





Release the keys, and then press the down arrow key to confirm,and then the LED status light becomes quick flashing-> become lighting ->and then become quick flashing 


Now that means it enter into 3D checking in the vertical direction. Now keep the RC16 in the vertical direction



Then press the down arrow key to confirm



LED become light from quick flashing, which means 3D checking, has been finished 






A、The installing steps in android system:


1、under the setting items in Android devices, please set the Bluetooth option as “ON “. For Android box and Android Dongle, you can use the normal mouse to set.






2、Please flat the device on the desktop , long press the BT Pairing key about 4-5 seconds ,then the LED light of the air mouse will become flashing .



Click the “Research “item on the upper-right corner of the setting interface 



The Android device will search for                  


the Bluetooth air mouse automatically 



3、In the meantime, the LED light of the Bluetooth will keep flashing, click Bluetooth on the android device interface, you will find the pairing informationwhen the LED light becomes lighting, the Bluetooth air mouse will appear the relevant iconon the android operating interface. That means the Bluetooth had connected with the Android device successful.




B、For the installing method in Windows system,please refer to the user’s manual.














                                                                                                        Size(L*W*H): 65x31x205 mm

Weight:  155 g  





N.W/CTN: 8.5 kg

G.W/CTN: 9.5 kg

CTN Size: 35.5x28x31 CM                                                                                                          


Bluetooth Air Smart Mouse 型号:RC16
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