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RK3188 integrated quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU,the embedded enhanced version of the quad-core GPU-Mali-400 highest frequency can be up to533MHz, and using the 28 nm process.






1G DDR3 dual channel memory and the speed upgrade 





Built-in large 4G capacity, in addition, you can extend TF card to 32G capacity, can accommodate variety of games and APK applications










HD Camera,Everything is in front of you, TheRK3188 Quad-core chipset of U4C has built-in a better image processing technology, the 2 million pixels camera provides more vivid pictures and videos, you could enjoy a great and free video call with a big size HDTV.








Built-in MIC, You free Online-Phone The RK3188 Quad-core chipset of U4C has built-in a better image processing technology, the 2 million pixels camera provides more vivid pictures and videos, you could enjoy a great and free video call with a big size HDTV.









Unique professional 2.4 G WiFi signal receiving antenna 

Strong penetrating function 

Further-distance receiving function







Used with U2C-D holder 

Make a simple Mini PC become a Android Box,Which with more 












The U4C integrated the Google next-generation mobile operating system Android 4.2. Compared to Android 4.1, The 4.2 version system has improved and upgrade some items, the more important content include: Photo Sphere panoramic photos; keyboard gesture input; Miracast Wireless Display shared; gesture zoom screen, as well as voice output and gesture mode 






Built-in 4.0 Bt, power-saving low-power, low-latency 3 ms, the transmission distance can be more than 100 meters, can support for AES-128 encryption book, backward compatible with 2.0,2.1,3.0.







Faster Network Connection, Enjoy it all over the world You could enjoy historically fast connection for U4C has embodied a brand new WLAN function, 2 times faster than any single core device. The 802.11n WLAN network IC brings 150 Mbps download speed, help to promote efficiency






































Size(L*W*H):  94x160x29 mm

Weight:  0.21 Kg 








QTY/CTN:   50 PCS 

N.W/CTN:   10.1 Kg

G.W/CTN:   10.8 Kg

CTN Size:   515*340*180 mm



Quad-Core Monitoring TV Box 型号:U4C
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