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A1W  II Wireless playback adaptor can mirror your cell phone, MID tablet,

notebook screens to TV screen.




Suitable OS:



*  windows OS PC/Tablet

*  iMac OS PC/Tablet

*  iOS OS iPhone/iPad

*  Miracast™ Phone(Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, Sony Xperia T/TL ,

*  Samsung S4/S5/Note3/ Note4)

*  Android OS Phone/Pad

*  Windows Phone




Product introduction


A1W  II wireless playback adaptor can mirror your cell phone, MID tablet, 

notebook screens to TV screen. Without using the HDMI or AV cables,

A2W Pro is using standard WiFi connection and build a wireless transfer

between your TV screen and your cell phone, MID tablet or notebook screen.

Then you can wirelessly browser the internet, play your favorite videos and 

enjoy your photos on the TV.





Main features



1. EZCast



A1W  II  has the EZCast function, it is similar

toChromecast function, which can wirelessly

transferyour music, photos, video, docs from

smart phone, MID tablet, desktop and notebook

computer to the TV screen. Customer also can

mirror your Chome browser contents, such as

Youtube, Netflex, HD online video, Youku, Sohu

into the TV. Also A2W Pro can support Office/

PDF/Mac OS page docs to be shared.












EZCast Suitable OS:


*  iMac OS Apple computer, iOS iPhone and iPad

*  Android OS smart phone and MID tablet  

*  Windows phone


2. EZAir



A1W  II has the EZAir function, which is similar

to Apple's Airplay function, it can mirror your

iPhone,iPad, iPod touch video, photos, musci

to the HDTV screen.









EZAir Suitable OS


*   iMac OS Apple computer


*   iOS iPhone and iPad


3. EZMirror



A1W  II has a very powerful mirror function,

similar to Netgear PTV3000, including Intel

WiDi and Miracast function. It can mirror your

cell phone, MID Tablet, notebook screens to

HDTV screen. For example, when you playing

3D games, you can use your MID tablet as a

game console, and play the game at the 

HDTV directly and cooly.










EZMirror suitable OS


*  Windows OS desktop, notebook and utralbook

*  Miracast certifed Google Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, SONY Xperia T/TL

*  Samsung S4, S5, Note 3, Note 4 smart phones

*  Android OS smart phone and MID tablet

*  Windows smart phone





A1W  II has DLNA function, which can transfer the 

multidmedia files, such as music, photos, videos, 

docs and streamming files from your cellphone to

TV. Users also can wirelessly transfer the online

videos tothe TV screen, such as Youku, Sohu,

QQ video and iQiyi.





DLNA suitable OS


*  iMac OS Apple computer, iOS iPhone and iPad

*  Android OS smart phone and MID tablet

*  Windows smart phone




The Strongest Signal


1. Dual Channel WiFi Module brings stronger signal

With the dual-channel WiFi module, A1W  II has two 2.4GHz channels. So

it can work well under 2.4G and 2.4G dual-wireless frequencies, and can 

avoid many singal inteferences from other WiFi devices. Now the A1W  II

is faster, stronger and more sable in its WiFi signals.



2. With a highly improved Dual WiFi antenna,A2W Pro

 can cover a longer distance

With two external WiFi antenna, A1W  II is using the latest Wireless 

build-in-core technology, and these two antennas can working and

sending signals at the same time, which drastically improved the WiFi s

ignal strength and enlarged the radio distance.


3. Better Heat-Dissipation tooling desgin

Compare with the A2W Ezcast and Chromecast disc-shape design, A1W  II

has a bigger PCBA size and more space inside, plus the bottom side has 

air-vent design. So A1W  II has better heat-dissipation-effect, and works 

more stable. Customers don’t need to worry about the reboot issue after 

long time using, or unstable wifi signals caused by heating issue. So A1W 

II can effectively and stably working well for long time.




Hardware setup  

A1W  II can get the power from the TV USB connector or any USB power  



Firmware setup

To install the suitable APK into your smart phone, MID table and computer 

according to the instructions from TV screen


 User's instruction


Method 1: Start the application Ezcast, and follow the steps from the APP.


Method 2: please refer to the user's manual from the website:      





If there is any FW issues, please refer to the official website:





Product interface:



Product size:



Product accessories



Optional accessories



Product package


Size(L*W*H): 94x160x29mm

Weight: 0.2kg 




Carton Package



CTN Size: 515*314*180mm





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